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August 13, 2008

Big Boss Was Here

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Our big boss, Puan Noorizah Hamid, the current Managing Director of PLUS Expressways Berhad (PEB), was here in Mumbai and she was accompanied by her orang kanan, Encik Mohamad Rosli Ahmad, the current Head of Business Development Department of PEB.  So, it was hubby and Yazurin’s job to welcome them. This time they decided to meet up at The Maratha Hotel, Mumbai for some coffee and a short discussion (that wasn’t short at all) on what might transpire in tomorrow’s meeting with the authorities. But why the hell was I there for? Saja gatal ikut sekali…




That night, no one was smiling.


August 4, 2008

Salmah & Jalil In Mumbai – Day IV

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Today was the last day for Salmah and Jalil in Mumbai and there’s still one thing that was bothering Salmah. She needed to bring home some kurtas for her sons (for women, it’s called kurti). So, again we went to explore Vashi for any garment shops that sold kurtas. Having to find one fine shop, Salmah bought a couple of them.


Then, we came to a shop called Dupatta World where Salmah spent almost half an hour in there checking out some cool scarfs and shawls. FYI, dupatta means shawls.


The vacation would not be complete for Salmah and Jalil if we had not checked out the Filmcity. Trying our luck for the second time, we went to Filmcity again to see if there’s any chance for us to get in this time. As we got there, we tried to talk it out to one of the staff and he somehow managed to get us the entry passes (terms and conditions apply heheheh…). Yabedabeduuuuu… At last, hajat Jalil tercapai nak tengok apa dalam Filmcity. That guy even voluteered to guide us around! Ini sudah bagusss…

Lucky us, there was a film shooting going on! So, these lucky four, ehem ehem…, managed to get a few snapshots with the junior actors, junior actress and the director (the one with the thick white beard). Wohooo jangan jelesTapi aktres tu kerek sikit la. Ada plak tanya “What is this picture for?” Ingat kitorang nih paparazi ke? Ada rupa paparazi ke? Ish.. kalau kitorang nih paparazi, takkan la nak mintak izin tangkap gambar bersama-sama. And if we were from the magazine, she would have seen name tags hanging around our necks, right!



We spent almost an hour inside Filmcity. Many of the features you see from the stack of photos in here are mainly used in many Bollywood movies! For examples, the temple, the bridge, the ghost house and the crooked roads. And there’s also a huge building built to serve as a high court, a school, a church and a jail – all in that one huge building! And we also witnessed the construction of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie set!




After Filmcity, Chavan took us all for a spin around Amitabh Bachchan‘s mansion in Juhu… I don’t need to elaborate as many of you should have already known by now who Amitabh Bahchan is!


… and then he took us to the filthy yet so lively Juhu Beach for a short walk – a beach in a city which is in dire need of a spring cleaning and an extreme make over! Indeed, these Indian people need to turn into a new leaf and learn not to litter and start using the garbage bins!



Before we took them off to the airport, we stopped by at Delitalia, near Juhu Beach for a snack and some hot chocolate. That place was, woohoo… romantic! And the Octopus Insalata was absolutely marvelous! The girls who ushered us in, they’re not Chinese. And they couldn’t even understand a single Chinese word at all! They’re actually Chinese looking Indians, who came from Nagaland, a northern state of India. It’s funny to see these girls speak in Hindi!





At 9.30 pm, it was time to say goodbye to these superb energetic duo! Truth be told, for three and a quarter days with them, I think I had experienced and learned many useful things from them. Without them, I would not have known that the India-made stainless steel blenders are tough and durable. Then, the Indian sweets that I used to dislike so much, but since the day Salmah introduced me to barfi, I will never look at Indian sweets the same way again. I also got to know that Lipton’s Green Label Tea produces a fresher aroma than the yellow or red labels and that I just have to get one pack of it one day and try it myself. And most of it all, if not for Jalil’s persuasion, we would not, in a million years, have the opportunity to see what was inside the Filmcity.


It was a great pleasure having them around. The moments we saw them arranging their bags on the trolleys at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport of Mumbai, we started to miss them already. Tahu tak rasanya macam mana? Macam anak cucu balik kampung time raya. Tok nenek happy gila. Tapi bila raya selesai, semua pakat balik bandar, tinggal tok dengan nenek kesunyian kat kampung. Hah, kitorang (hubby and I) macam tok nenek tu la…

Salmah & Jalil In Mumbai – Day III

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After a good sleep last night, our energy was fully restored and we’re ready for another day of shopping marathon.

First, we took them to a couple of shops that sold steel utensils and appliances in Vashi. At one of the shops, Salmah bought a Sumeet all-in-one stainless steel blender (meaning, it can be used as juice mixer, spice grinder and meat mincer) and a Prestige pressure cooker while Jalil bought a pressure cooker of the same brand and a set of forks and spoons. As for me, hmmm… an oven would suffice for the time being.



… then to Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Drug store which was also in Vashi. The said company specialises in Ayurvedic herbal health care products focussing on developing, safe and natural remedies for healthier plus richer lives. You can get almost anything under the sun here, from hair care to skin care, supplements to nutrients, slimming tea to weight gainer, baby products to cosmetics, anything you name it, dudes! And all are made from fine herbal ingredients.


… and lastly, to the wholesale market in Vashi where they could shop for some basmati rice, spices and tea leaves.




… and then we needed something that we could quench our thirst without drowning ourselves. Perhaps, some ice-cream at Natural would do fine!


I wanted so much to have some beriyani at Paramount Restaurant for lunch but since the road we took did not go that way, I just had to make do with the beriyani at Bostan Restaurant, located infront of Jama’ Masjid in Bandra.



We checked out Shah Rukh Khan’s huge bungalow – Mannat – in Bandra after lunch. Pressing my luck, I asked the guard if there’s a possibility we could see and a take a photo with him. But to my disappointment, the guard simply said “Shah Rukh Khan nahi hei. He’s out of India!” Mana pulak la mamat sorang nih pegi… cuba la duduk kat rumah dendiam!


Next, we checked out Aishwarya Rais former apartment in Bandra. She used to live here before she got married to Abhishek Bachchan and moved into the Bachchan’s home.


Next destination was Filmcity in Goregaon, a place that serves as the venue for shooting of many Bollywood movies, I can say almost similar to Universal Studio. We tried to enter the area but we were stopped at the entrance gate by the guards who later informed us that we needed to get a special pass to be able to get in. We tried many tricks and approaches (we even tried to bribe them), in the attempt to get in, but dreadfully, we had no luck that day.

I just couldn’t understand why they kept this place close for visitors. They should have at least opened a ticket booth at the gate and charged the visitors who wish to go in. The should have opened the area to public and make money out of it. In a way, this will promote the area as part of the tourist attaractions! Why do they have to make it harder than entering a war refugee camp? It’s really upsetting!


Ayesha had invited us over to her place at Pali Hill, Bandra to have dinner tonight. As it was still early, we stopped by at Oberoi Mall, Bandra just to kill the time. 


On the way up to Pali Hill, we stopped by at Punjab Sweet House to buy some barfi. Barfi is a scrumptious Indian dessert made of either mango, cashewnuts or almond nuts mixed in pure butter ghee, sugar, cardamom powder and the finest quality fresh channel milk that will give you a wonderful sweet creamy lip-smacking sensation. Barfi, without being refrigerated, can last for about 3 to 4 days.

At one corner of the shop, I saw a guy making sweet jelabi. I had tasted this one before but I don’t really like it. So, I just bought myself some plain milk barfi and some mango barfi! Yummy…


As we reached Ayesha’s apartment, we were greeted by her and her cocker spaniel, Velvet at the door. Ayesha later then took us for a tour around her apartment and showed us where the gymnasium and the swimming pool were. As we strolled around, Velvet walked a few steps ahead of us and it’s like she was the one giving us the tour, not Ayesha.

The Ferrari you can see in one of the photos belongs to a famous actor, Sanjay Dutt. In fact, the whole building where Ayesha lives belongs to him and his family. He even has his own private gym, separated from the common one Ayesha had shown us a few minutes ago.

From Ayesha’s balcony, we could see a huge white van which also belongs to Sanjay. And the two white structures, a bungalow and an apartment building, standing behind Sanjay’s white van, belong to a famous senior actor, Dilip Kumar.

Dinner was served at about 9 p.m. It was a lovely dinner indeed. Ayesha’s adorable Velvet that kept pacing under the table while we were eating suddenly came to me and licked my foot. Startled, I gave a loud yelp(couldn’t help it!) and poor friendly Velvet got scared of the sound I made so, she scurried away.  





On the way home, we stopped by at a construction site near our apartment to get some fresh clean soil which we intended to use it for the samak later. As soon as we got into the house, kitorang cepat-cepat samak apa-apa yang patut before everyone went to bed. 

Salmah & Jalil In Mumbai – Day II

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Hubby had a meeting to attend at Dua Associates Advocates (Ayesha‘s office) in the morning so all of us tagged along. After all, we needed to pass Ayesha the Bobbi Brown (Raspberry No.5) rouge she had requested us to buy from Malaysia. During breakfast, Salmah gave me a Menard long lasting lipstick as a gift. So sweet of her.


After spending for about 15 minutes at Ayesha’s office, and after Ayesha finally got a hold of her Bobbi Brown rouge she had been asking for, we made our way out of the office, leaving hubby behind with his business associates to continue with whatever business they’re having. All of us promised to meet up for lunch. Our driver, Chavan, drove us (Jalil, Salmah and me) straght to Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel for sightseeing. Upon reaching the place, Salmah and Jalil took the liberty to roam around and check out some stuff sold along the sidewalks.



We still had time for some shopping before hubby called up for lunch. So, I brought them to Colaba, where they could check out a huge variety of inexpensive stuff and collector’s items such as pashminas, shawls, “I’ve Been To Mumbai” T-shirts, kurthas, antic items, bangles (kada), etc, etc, etc. This could be one of their most interesting shopping experiences ever. Shopping sakan…



Hubby rang me up for lunch while Salmah and Jalil were still in the midst of their shopping spree. It was like 15 minutes later that we finally moved away from the busy Colaba Street Market and went to join hubby and the rest at the restaurant hubby had described. It’s called Moshe’s.

We had a very, very, very hefty lunch I thought my tummy was going to blow up! I had grilled beef but Ayesha’s grilled pomfret tasted better! And that slice of Gooey Chocolate Cake was extremely goooood! If you are a cake lover, this one will definitely be right up your alley!



When lunch was over, we parted with Ayesha and her collegues and hubby brought us all to Nariman Point for sightseeing. There’s nothing much to see here except some people loitering all over the area and lovers kissing each other so freely, ignoring the watchful eyes of the onlookers. 


Jalil and Salmah still hadn’t got enough with the brass antic stuff so, we went back to Colaba Street Market to get some more. What impressed me so much is that despite the lack of sleep, these two in fact had all the energy and force to continue their shopping spree! I couldn’t blame them anyway, these antics were really cool and cheap! I even bought myself an antic wall clock which I paid for only RM70. Believe it or not, these antic stuff still worked like brand new! Hmmm… I wonder if these things have stood the test of time and still being used today or they had been made up to look like antic items! Whatever it is, I just looooove my antic wall clock!


We checked out some sarees and textile goods at a ‘saree and textile town’ called Dadar (about 30 minutes from Mumbai city). We got into the saree shop at 5pm and checked out only at 8pm, imagine that! Salmah bought a whole load of colourful sarees and Jalil… he too! And I managed to get the saree storekeepers to pose for me… cute!



These fabric pieces are of good quality yet sold at reasonable prices, suitable for making pants and office shirts.


After spending a lot of time (and not to mention a lot of cash too) shopping and sightseeing around Mumbai city, we brought them to Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai for dinner and some music. On our way in, hubby saw a long sleeve ‘Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai’ T-shirt on the rack and he liked it very much he purchased it. Sempat lagi tu…

It was Friday. So, were out of luck to see some live entertainment that night ‘coz the live band only played on Tuesday and Thursday here. Too bad… just too bad.



It was close to midnight when we reached our home and it’s time to call it a day. Shopping for things like spices, rice and kitchenwares would have to wait til the next day.

Salmah & Jalil In Mumbai – Day I

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Salmah and Jalil arrived Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai at about 10.45 pm on Thursday, 31st July 2008. The duo you’ll soon see appearing in some of the photos, are hubby’s most dearest and closest friends, who have been and will always be there for him through good and bad times, thick and thin. Therefore, it was our greatest delight to welcome them to our humble home in Navi Mumbai, India and make their visit to Mumbai ground a memory that lasts a lifetime.

We didn’t do any touring that night as it was getting really late. So we just took them back to our home and I made some hot coffee for them while they catched up with each other. The chatting went on for about two hours before everyone retired for the night. Salmah occupied our guest room while Jalil… well, as we had only one guest room, poor Jalil had to spend the night and every other night downstairs at the living hall.

As the lights went off, the night faded out slowly. The next day was presumably going to be a helluva shopping marathon!!

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