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August 4, 2008

Salmah & Jalil In Mumbai – Day IV

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Today was the last day for Salmah and Jalil in Mumbai and there’s still one thing that was bothering Salmah. She needed to bring home some kurtas for her sons (for women, it’s called kurti). So, again we went to explore Vashi for any garment shops that sold kurtas. Having to find one fine shop, Salmah bought a couple of them.


Then, we came to a shop called Dupatta World where Salmah spent almost half an hour in there checking out some cool scarfs and shawls. FYI, dupatta means shawls.


The vacation would not be complete for Salmah and Jalil if we had not checked out the Filmcity. Trying our luck for the second time, we went to Filmcity again to see if there’s any chance for us to get in this time. As we got there, we tried to talk it out to one of the staff and he somehow managed to get us the entry passes (terms and conditions apply heheheh…). Yabedabeduuuuu… At last, hajat Jalil tercapai nak tengok apa dalam Filmcity. That guy even voluteered to guide us around! Ini sudah bagusss…

Lucky us, there was a film shooting going on! So, these lucky four, ehem ehem…, managed to get a few snapshots with the junior actors, junior actress and the director (the one with the thick white beard). Wohooo jangan jelesTapi aktres tu kerek sikit la. Ada plak tanya “What is this picture for?” Ingat kitorang nih paparazi ke? Ada rupa paparazi ke? Ish.. kalau kitorang nih paparazi, takkan la nak mintak izin tangkap gambar bersama-sama. And if we were from the magazine, she would have seen name tags hanging around our necks, right!



We spent almost an hour inside Filmcity. Many of the features you see from the stack of photos in here are mainly used in many Bollywood movies! For examples, the temple, the bridge, the ghost house and the crooked roads. And there’s also a huge building built to serve as a high court, a school, a church and a jail – all in that one huge building! And we also witnessed the construction of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie set!




After Filmcity, Chavan took us all for a spin around Amitabh Bachchan‘s mansion in Juhu… I don’t need to elaborate as many of you should have already known by now who Amitabh Bahchan is!


… and then he took us to the filthy yet so lively Juhu Beach for a short walk – a beach in a city which is in dire need of a spring cleaning and an extreme make over! Indeed, these Indian people need to turn into a new leaf and learn not to litter and start using the garbage bins!



Before we took them off to the airport, we stopped by at Delitalia, near Juhu Beach for a snack and some hot chocolate. That place was, woohoo… romantic! And the Octopus Insalata was absolutely marvelous! The girls who ushered us in, they’re not Chinese. And they couldn’t even understand a single Chinese word at all! They’re actually Chinese looking Indians, who came from Nagaland, a northern state of India. It’s funny to see these girls speak in Hindi!





At 9.30 pm, it was time to say goodbye to these superb energetic duo! Truth be told, for three and a quarter days with them, I think I had experienced and learned many useful things from them. Without them, I would not have known that the India-made stainless steel blenders are tough and durable. Then, the Indian sweets that I used to dislike so much, but since the day Salmah introduced me to barfi, I will never look at Indian sweets the same way again. I also got to know that Lipton’s Green Label Tea produces a fresher aroma than the yellow or red labels and that I just have to get one pack of it one day and try it myself. And most of it all, if not for Jalil’s persuasion, we would not, in a million years, have the opportunity to see what was inside the Filmcity.


It was a great pleasure having them around. The moments we saw them arranging their bags on the trolleys at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport of Mumbai, we started to miss them already. Tahu tak rasanya macam mana? Macam anak cucu balik kampung time raya. Tok nenek happy gila. Tapi bila raya selesai, semua pakat balik bandar, tinggal tok dengan nenek kesunyian kat kampung. Hah, kitorang (hubby and I) macam tok nenek tu la…



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  2. Dear Rayzman,

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